# Message : Dear World Governements ....

Palestine, Syria and some other countries are suffering ... due to the silence of the world

Are killing children, women and the world was silent on this heinous act?!

Heck of this world!

This appeared to me to deliver my message of the Palestinian people and the Syrian people!

| Stop blaming ISLAM for all those false flags done by the zionists , the british empire and the empires around the world , the wahabi bloodline , the illuminati , freemasons , evil sects , special evil agencies of usa europe and israel , the governments and whatever... islam was never the reason for the first world war , never the reason for the second world war , it will be not the reason for the third world war... islam was also not responsible for 9-11 or in london , moscow or now in france...please stay real and dont get twisted by those fake and manipulated media cooporations which are spreading lies 24 hours a day...